Markets &

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  • Automotive

Our advanced aluminium solutions help global automotive manufacturers produce lighter, safer, and more fuel efficient vehicles, as well as electric vehicles with greater range.

Aluminium automotive applications

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  • Packaging

We supply aluminium coils and sheets for the production of beverage and food cans, wine and spirits closures, personal care aerosols, and luxury packaging for the cosmetic industry.

Aluminium packaging solutions

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  • Aerospace

We offer innovative, high performance products and manufacturing for commercial aircraft, military aircraft, and space programs. We are the global leader in aerospace plates and aluminium lithium flat rolled products, and a major player in fuselage sheet.

Aluminium aerospace offer

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  • Defense

Constellium’s lightweight alloys offer outstanding impact resistance for armored vehicles and military bridges.

Aluminium solutions for defense

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  • Transportation

We offer a wide range of lightweight and high performance solutions for vehicles such as commercial trucks and trailers, boats and ships, trains and buses.

Aluminium solutions for transportation

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  • Industry

We have more than 100 years of experience in industrial applications, from precision plates to semiconductor equipment to architecture.

Aluminium solutions for industry