Strong, stable, and offering great potential for future growth, the aerospace market is driven by a steady increase in air traffic as well as an increasing demand for more fuel-efficient aircraft.

Aluminium is key to tomorrow’s lighter, faster economy, and Constellium is a global leader in aluminium aerospace technology.

We offer innovative, high performance products that bring cost benefits to aerospace companies of all kinds—whether they build commercial aircraft, military aircraft, or work on space programs.

Our aluminium products are available in four main forms:

  • Plates, which can be machined to make particular shapes, such as bulkheads
  • Sheets used for fuselage and wing skins
  • Extrusions for structural components such as stringers
  • Precision castings, which provide a large variety of customized components such as door frames or engine gearboxes

In this exciting, fast-paced industry, our solutions and value-added manufacturing services, including pre-machining services constantly test the limits of what can be achieved.


Aluminium Takes Aerospace to New Heights

We deliver value-added plates, sheets, extrusions, and precision castings in the three major aerospace markets—commercial, military, and space.

As a major provider of pre-machining and custom-designed aerospace components, and the sole producer of many advanced proprietary alloys and technologies, we offer sustainable growth solutions to our customers.

We have unique manufacturing capabilities, a portfolio of leading-edge alloys, and more than 300 patents. Our focus is on high value-added products (Airware®), fuselage sheets, wing skins, and supply chain integration (pre-machined parts, closed-loop recycling).

Our Customers are at the Heart of our Innovation

In the aerospace industry, trust and collaboration are crucial to customer satisfaction and business success. Our aerospace sales, R&T and industrial teams work closely with our customers to meet their individual needs with a range of value-added products and solutions.

We have a diversified portfolio of blue chip customers such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault Aviation, Embraer, and realize around 90% of our aerospace sales through long-term contracts.

A Global Integrated Platform

Constellium’ aerospace production sites are all qualified to standards and customized specifications. Issoire (France), Ravenswood (West Virginia, US) and Montreuil-Juigné (France) form a high-quality industrial platform with unique capabilities. Issoire and Ravenswood work as an integrated platform for plate production, providing a significant competitive advantage for Constellium as a global supplier to the aerospace industry.

Our plant in Ussel (France) is one of the sole providers of sand casting aerospace components while our plant in Valais (Switzerland) manufactures high value-added aluminum plates in a variety of widths.