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Constellium is a major partner of aircraft manufacturers all over the world, and our new high-performance technologies are behind the development, design, and manufacture of the next generation of aircraft.

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Airware®, our aluminium-lithium alloy solutions

Airware® is the most advanced aluminium solution for aircraft structure, developed jointly by Constellium’s engineers, our operational and sales teams, and our customers. Combining aluminium, copper, silver, and lithium, Airware® features much lower density, higher stiffness, and better damage tolerance.

Constellium Airware Alloys

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Seven different Constellium Airware® alloys are flying today for applications such as bare exterior fuselage skin, stringers, floor structure and seat tracks, window frames, and large internal wing and fuselage components. They include (specific data sheets are available by clicking on the alloy number):

Two new casting units were built to produce Aiware®, the new proprietary Constellium technology. Issoire plant in France is equipped with the very first industrial casthouse in the world capable to produce Aiware®. Our Technology Center in Voreppe, France, has a new casting unit dedicated to the development of new Airware® applications.


Plates, Sheets and Extrusions

As aerostructures become increasingly complex in design, they require ever larger plates. Constellium has the production capability to provide bare plate or semi-finished parts in the sizes required.

We can machine parts up to 36 m long (118 ft 1 in) and 3.8 m wide (12 ft 5 in) and bore and drill parts to provide threaded holes. We can even offer complete machine finishing on very large wing skin panels, ensuring that components are ready to install on the airplane.

With plates available in thicknesses up to 254 mm (10 in), it is also possible to produce spars and ribs.

Our products include a wide range of sheet alloys and temper qualities for specific applications, along with extruded products.

Our extrusions are available in hard and semi-hard alloys, including bars with diameters of up to 305 mm (1 ft) and more than 1,000 different shapes. Extruded tubes and extruded drawn tubes are available from 2 mm outer diameter (1/10 in) to 160 mm OD (6 3/10 in), with various wall thicknesses.

We can also provide billets of up to 5 m (16 ft 4 in) in length and 860 mm (2 ft 9 in) in diameter for aerospace forgings.

Pre-machining services

Our pre-machining services in particular provide considerable advantages to our customers. During a typical manufacturing process, from plate to finished part, around 90% of the metal is removed as scrap, either as large pieces or chips.

Our machining operations reduce customer costs and optimize sourcing by minimizing the buy-to-fly ratio of aluminium products. Receiving pre-machined components also simplifies our customers’ manufacturing operations.

Precision casting and Friction stir welding

Sand casting specialist in complex aluminum parts, we produce tailor made part for engines (e.g. gear boxes, oil tanks and lubrication pumps) and structural parts of the aircraft, (e.g. passenger doors).

We also offer advanced solutions for joining materials. Constellium was a pioneer in Friction Stir Welding (FSW), an advanced welding technique that uses friction to generate heat and join two aluminium alloy parts without melting the material. Friction stir welding not only improves the resistance of a joint to fatigue, damage, and corrosion, but ensures a perfect joint with no loss of strength, while optimizing the production process. This ability to create larger parts without losing any of the material properties is perfectly adapted to aerospace structures.

Product Recycling

Aluminium is a fully recyclable material, it can be recycled without losing any mechanical properties. About 90% of the metal in a plate is removed when it is machined by our customers.

The aluminium recycling life cycle starts with scrap generated inside our plants and customer sites, and ends with remelting aluminium scrap from aircraft that have reached the end of their service lives.

We undertake innovative initiatives to recycle customer scrap by alloy type, allowing a direct return to the production process without loss of properties

Thanks to our machining facilities, Constellium is able to provide pre-machined parts allowing our customers to generate less scrap and intrinsically save on material costs. The off-cuts and chips generated by the pre-machining are automatically recycled in our plants ensuring the best value and highest quality of our metal.