Military Bridges

Versatile solutions for bridging systems. Constellium is the supplier of choice for high-strength, lightweight solutions for mobile military bridges.

Military bridges need to be easily transportable and deployed quickly to enable the movement of vehicles and people in a variety of terrains and climate conditions – whether for use in military operations or for disaster relief situations. Working in close collaboration with leading customers in the field, Constellium has developed a suite of products that exhibits the following properties:

  • Mechanical strength (including in welded condition) – critical to carry armored vehicles of increasing weight and protection level
  • Corrosion resistance – to operate in tough environments
  • Flatness and shape stability – to facilitate assembly and guarantee durability of the construction

Our customers are leaders in mobile military bridging solutions – they include: KMW (Germany), WFEL (UK), General Dynamics European Land Systems (Germany) and CNIM (France).

Product offering

Our expertise lies in the technical advisory on products and alloys for each application – but we also customize products to guarantee specific mechanical properties.

Our offering encompasses the complete product portfolio for military bridges – with both flat rolled products (sheet and plate) and extrusions– in the following alloys:

  • 7020 T6/T651
  • 7020 T6/T651, specific higher-strength variant
  • DGFVE 232B, UK specification
  • 6xxx series – for complementary extruded applications