Sealium® – Constellium’s high performance solution for the most demanding operations in seawaters

Constellium’s Sealium® alloy has been developed to meet the demanding requirements of military and coastguard vessels. It is considerably stronger compared to other alloys used in shipbuilding, allowing for down gauging while delivering excellent impact resistance and high protection against corrosion.

Easy to weld, flexible, easy to shape and bend, it provides superior assembly advantages. Sealium® offers outstanding weight saving opportunities for navies and coastguards, whose operations demand high performance.

Sealium® is available in plate and sheet, as well as hard-extruded product in a wide variety of diameters.


Partnering to win

Through close collaboration along the supply chain, Constellium helped develop a landing craft for the French navy using the high-strength, lightweight and corrosion-resistant Sealium® alloy.

The innovative 30-meter long landing catamaran (L-Cat) – produced by CNIM (Construction Navales et Industrielles Méditerranée) – is able to carry 100 tons at 18 knots and has an innovative raising platform, enabling it to operate either as fast catamaran or as conventional craft in shallow waters.