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Customized aluminium profiles

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Constellium manufactures a comprehensive range of high-quality extruded customized profiles. These can be adapted to suit our customers’ needs in terms of shape, size, alloy, and complexity of design.

Extruded aluminium profiles are used in a vast number of applications, including machinery.

Not only are the customer’s requirements for shape, tolerance and mechanical properties respected, but we also provide good machinability.  With operations such as cutting, CNC machining, stamping, anodizing and lacquering, Constellium provides its customers tailor-made pieces to integrate into their own production operations.


Aluminium large profiles

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Setting ourselves apart from the competition, Constellium is one of the few European specialists able to manufacture extrusions up to 750 mm wide and 30 m long that comply with structural requirements.

Our large profile extrusions are tailored to customers’ specifications. We offer a wide variety of alloys extruded into complex shapes, as well as different wall thicknesses and dimensions. The extrusions are produced on dedicated presses with a force of up to 100 Meganewton (MN).


Advanced hard alloys aluminium extrusions

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Constellium’s Montreuil-Juigné plant offers a wide range of extruded products in advanced and proprietary alloys issued from its own cast-house. Constellium has a long experience in delivering different sizes and geometries in light, strong and corrosion resistant advanced alloys for various industry applications, including machinery.

Our plant in Decin also offers hard alloys aluminium extrusions. To know more, please visit our dedicated website by clicking here.


Precision plates

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New AlplanTM Beyond Precision – unrivaled Precision Plates solution for increased productivity and reduced production costs.  

“TRA-C Industrie is working on highly demanding final applications for Defense. Thanks to AlplanTM aluminium plates, we successfully overcame the various technical challenges” said Bruno Voland, CEO of TRA-C Industrie. “AlplanTM provides exceptional dimensional stability and flatness paired with very narrow thickness tolerance resulting in a better machinability and weldability, both by advanced technics such as Friction Stir Welding (FSW) and more traditional ones. With AlplanTM we improve welding productivity and profitability.”


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Constellium’s Precision Plates are the result of a long-standing proprietary process optimized over the last 20 years in our Swiss plant.

Why AlplanTM Beyond Precision are better for aluminium production parts 
Get them right the first time, get them right every time

AlplanTM Beyond Precision Product line includes: -

  • 2017A
  • 5083
  • 5754
  • 6061
  • 6082
  • 7075
  • UnidalTM – alloy 7019

Bars and tubes

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Constellium’s Decin (Czech Republic) plant is the largest extrusion center in Europe, with two cast houses and 12 presses dedicated to manufacturing highly specialized hard- and soft-alloy bars and tubes.

Primarily focused on automotive and industrial applications, Constellium’s tube and bar products and services portfolio includes:

  • a wide range of specialized alloys from our integrated cast house, including the Stanal® and 6050 lead-free alloys with improved machinability,
  • high competence in indirect and direct extrusion processes, including seamless technology
  • a large variety of tempers and thermal treatments,
  • cut-to-length and finishing operations, including chamfering and deburring,
  • ultrasonic and eddy-current inspection,
  • and other tailored solutions by customer request.