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Constellium’s alloy portfolio runs the gamut from commonly available to highly specialized alloys.

Standard and advanced alloys

Constellium’s alloys encompass both standard series, and highly specialized alloys that can be developed in cooperation with customers based on their specific needs.

Our alloys include:

  • hard and soft alloys, covering the complete range of EAA alloy families,
  • specialized and trademarked alloys, such as the Stanal® lead-free alloy with improved machinability

In-house alloy casting & production

We use our own leading cast houses and production facilities to develop and industrialize alloys.

Highly skilled and experienced metallurgists are involved in the development and production process - engineers and technicians in our cast houses, the extrusion production lines, and within Constellium’s Technology Center.

Machining and surface treatment

Constellium offers customers a distinct set of finishing operations, including welding, machining and surface treatment.

Our offer is designed to provide optimal products and reduce customers’ internal cycle times.

Our finishing operations offer includes:

  • cutting-to-length and finishing operations, including chamfering and deburring,
  • welding and final machining of subassemblies
  • ultrasonic and x-ray inspections,
  • surface treatment by anodizing or powder coating,
  • mechanical processing in computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining centers,
  • special forming of profiles such as bending,
  • assembly of thermal breaks.

These operations are performed either at Constellium’s various extrusion sites, or with long-standing and experienced partners close to our manufacturing sites.

Precision casting

We are a European leader in precisions and castings, which can be used to produce components of up to 4 m (13 ft 1 in). They incorporate many functions and may be made from our unique range of high-performance Alusand® alloys.

Product recycling measures

In the interest of sustainability, our advanced machining facilities help customers both enhance their manufacturing efficiency and simplify their recycling operations. About 90% of the metal used in a plate is removed when the plate is machined, and at Constellium, we automatically recycle it.