At Constellium, our customers are also our partners, and we provide them with the opportunity to collaborate closely with our expert team at the Constellium Technology Center (C-TEC) in France. Together we work to develop new products and help them improve their processes through our prototyping line..

Improve both products and processes

We innovate to improve both products and processes:

  • Product innovation involves developing and testing new textures, surface qualities, coatings, and alloys, such as the alloy for Aeral™. 

C-TEC works with our plants worldwide on research and development. Our Neuf Brisach plant, for example, has been working with C-TEC and our lacquer suppliers for several years to develop BPA-free coatings. As a result, it has become one of the first European suppliers of "BPA NI" lacquer for coated aluminium in beverage can ends and food cans.

  • Process innovation aims to improve processes along the entire value chain, including on the lines of our customers.

Our close partnership with Sandvik, a leading producer of tools for beverage can manufacturing, has helped us explore ways of optimizing tooling and metal surfaces to increase the productivity of beverage can lines.

We have developed a new solution to optimize the use of metal during the drawing and ironing process, thereby reducing the amount of metal lost during manufacture.


Full Technical Support

In addition to innovation, our experienced customer technical services team offers comprehensive support in customer plants worldwide.

Dedicated team for technical assistance:

  • Years of experience
  • Presence at the customers’
  • Understanding of customers’ needs
  • Technical support
  • Expertise
  • Helping improve making lines efficiency
  • Accompanying customers in new developments