In the transportation industry, every kilo saved through lightweighting contributes to our customer’s profit. Constellium supports transportation manufacturers beyond a traditional supplier role, producing value-added products and solutions and managing complex supply chains.

Aluminium alloys can be processed numerous ways in order to achieve unique combinations of strength, stiffness, formability, durability and corrosion resistance. We have built on the intrinsic properties of aluminium alloys to develop a range of dedicated extrusions, sheets, plates, casting and semi-finished components for equipment parts within the transportation industry, such as tanker trucks, trailers, trains or trams.

In addition to providing aluminium semi-finished products of exceptional quality, we provide a wide variety of ready solutions and components as well as tailored services to our customers to reduce manufacturing costs and production through put time.

In transportation, lightweighting equals increased loading capacity and decreased energy consumption.

Lightweight aluminium materials for sustainable travel

In today's competitive environment, transportation companies are increasingly looking to optimize vehicle payload, meaning a vehicle's carrying capacity in passengers or freight.

The lighter the vehicle, the higher the potential payload. Weight reduction also results in fuel savings, which is both cost‑effective and environmentally sound.

Moving the transportation sector forward

Drawing on extensive experience in aluminium processing, we go beyond the supply of semi-products and offer complete solutions for lightersafer and more energy-efficient vehicles in the field of rail, road and marine transportation.

Our design and crash expertise, furthered through extensive R&D, enable us to provide lightweight aluminium solutions for use in mass transportation around the world.

We have established a reputation for high quality and cost-effective manufacturing for mass production. Manufacturers benefit from unique research and development capabilities in Europe, covering the whole value chain of transportation applications.