Constellium works with bus manufacturers to respond to the global drive to increase energy efficiency and safety in road transportation by developing lighter and more economical vehicles.

Building more efficient buses

In a sector where the aim is to maximize payload (the vehicle’s carrying capacity) and optimize fuel consumption, reducing vehicle weight is of the utmost importance.

EcoRangeTM, Constellium’s lightweight aluminium solution, allows manufacturers to build fuel-efficient buses without compromising strength or safety.

A full range of aluminium and composite solutions

We have customer references across the globe for a complete portfolio of standardized aluminium lightweight solutions, including:

  •  semi-finished products such as structural extrusions, composites panels, sheet, plates forgings and casting,
  •  accessories for easy assembly of coach structures.

We design leading-edge hybrid vehicles:

  • multi-material components and integrated solutions,
  •  design support and engineering,
  •  full technical support.

Our solution development experts work out of a state-of-the-art R&D center and in conjunction with specialist engineers in our plants. We design leading-edge hybrid vehicles that combine aluminium products with composites and other materials. Maximize payload and optimize fuel consumption by reducing vehicle weight.