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Muscle Shoals, Alabama, U.S. - Aluminium Manufacturing Plant | Constellium

We are shaping the future

Aluminium has a bright future and Constellium Muscle Shoals is poised to be a primary player in shaping that destiny. We are a major aluminium sheet supplier for the packaging and automotive markets.

  • ~12,000 employees
  • A world-class recycling center with the capacity to recycle the equivalent of 20 billion aluminium cans per year.
  • Aluminium coils produced with more than 95% recycled content.
  • Aluminium sheet used in all three components of a beverage can: body stock, coated end stock and tab stock.
  • More than 100 acres under roof.
  • An annual production capacity in excess of one billion pounds of finished aluminium coil.
  • Five casting units, hot and cold rolling mills, a slitting and finishing center.
  • Automotive coils that are processed at our world-class CALP line in Bowling Green, KY

Career Opportunities

Muscle Shoals, Alabama, U.S. - Aluminium Manufacturing Plant | Constellium
Type : Plant
Constellium Muscle Shoals LLC
4805 Second Street
Muscle Shoals, AL 35661
United States
Tel: +1 (256) 386 6000

5,560,380 m²
1373.41 acres

Cansheet (body stock, coated end stock and tab stock), Auto Body Sheet substrate


Muscle Shoals plant's manufacturing capabilities

Muscle Shoals is a major aluminum sheet supplier for the packaging industry. Our current plant capabilities for flat rolled products include seven production units.

Element 13 is a world-class recycling center
In alignment with our sustainable operation targets, Element 13 is a best-in-class recycling facility with the capacity to recycle nearly 20 million cans per year, positioning us as one of the world’s largest recyclers of used beverage cans (UBC).

Our Casthouse has 5 melting furnaces, 6 holding furnaces and 5 electro-magnetic casting pits that are capable of producing 6 ingots per drop, with widths from 65” to 77” wide 

Hot Mill
All products produced at the plant are processed through Hot Rolling. Our Hot Mill consists of three mills that compress the 30,000-pound slabs of aluminum.  

Cold Mill
The cold rolling facility is comprised of two 3-stand mills and one 5-stand mill. The three-stand tandem cold mills are used for automotive sheet and finished body stock for aluminum cans. The five-stand mill finish rolls end and tab stock for aluminum cans.
These mills are equipped with modern controls including a hydraulic automatic gauge control and a shape meter. Finished products vary in thickness from approximately .0080 inches to much heavier gauges, and are conditioned by the cold working of the mill for formability and strength as per customer specifications.

The final stop for end stock and similar packaging products is the coating facility, with a high-speed, state-of-the-art coating line that trims, levels, pre-treats, rinses, applies and cures an organic coating on both sides of the aluminum sheet. These coating options can be clear base coats, or a variety of colors and protective finishes, depending on end use.

Our sheet finishing department consists of multiple slitting operations to trim according to customer specification. We recycle 100% of all trim scrap, collected through a quick draft system and returned to the Casthouse. Our finishing department produces 3 M lbs per day on average.

In addition to supplying aluminum beverage packaging to prominent brands, Muscle Shoals supplies coils of auto body sheet substrate to our calp line in Bowling Green, KY. The automotive sheet is prepped, packed and loaded for shipment to Bowling Green to be prepped for automotive parts like car hoods, doors, roofs and structural parts.

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