A Shiny New Sleigh

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Constellium recently got a call from a surprising new customer, Santa Claus. He decided (with some nudging from his wife) that it’s time to upgrade that old sleigh of his. Wood might have been fine in the preindustrial era, but he’s tired of driving the clunkiest thing in the skies. He wants to check out the advantages of aluminium.

He asked us for something that’s fast (lots of ground to cover), lightweight (one broken roof tile too many), quiet (must not wake the kids), and anti-corrosive (all that snow!). Also, it has to be fuel efficient: Santa loves our planet—he knows every inch of the place—and the price of reindeer food has soared.

Who could better respond to this challenge than Constellium’s GEDP team (Global Engineering Development Program)? Our early career engineers around the world put their talent and skills together and came up with a range of proposals for Santa’s new sleigh.

Now he wants you to help him choose among them. Review their proposals on this page, then vote for your favorite.

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