“Aluminium in the city” - Constellium showcases its advanced solutions at ALUMINIUM 2018

Aluminium city



Constellium N.V. (NYSE: CSTM) will exhibit its extensive range of advanced solutions at Aluminium 2018, the world’s largest trade fair dedicated to aluminium and its applications, taking place in Düsseldorf October 9-11. With a booth built around the concept of “Aluminium in the city”, Constellium highlights how its innovative and sustainable solutions contribute to modern cities – from building architecture to automobiles, planes and  cosmetic packaging.

“By constantly innovating, we strive to meet our customers’ and society’s needs for lightweighing, efficiency and sustainability,” stated Jean-Marc Germain, CEO of Constellium. “We are unlocking the full potential of aluminium and going beyond the material to open new opportunities and create value for our customers and consumers.”

Constellium’s high-value added solutions are found in everyday items such as beverage cans, cars, airplanes, cosmetic packaging and window frames, and also in cutting edge technologies such as electric vehicles and spacecraft. Constellium’s display will feature some of its latest innovations, and highlight how they contribute to shaping a lighter, safer and more sustainable tomorrow. 

o   Battery enclosures for electric and hybrid vehicles using superior aluminium that is thermally conductive, crash and intrusion resistant and designed for performance using innovative joining technologies.

o   Crash Management Systems designed and produced by Constellium, provide superior energy absorption in a collision to protect the occupants and critical vehicle systems. Using tailor-made aluminium extrusions, Constellium provides solutions that are lighter and meet customer specifications for size, shape, package space and strength.

o  Surfalex® family, high-tech outer alloys for the Auto Body Sheet market, with exceptional surface quality, hemming and corrosion resistance. Surfalex® allows the most sophisticated and audacious designs including sharp lines, while keeping perfect surface aesthetics.

o   Pre-machined cockpit window frame significantly reduces metal scrap and the buy-to-fly ratio of aluminium products.  Supply chain integration is one of Constellium’s advantages in the aerospace business as it optimizes material performance and lowers costs throughout the value chain.

o   Airware® 2065, the latest high performance extruded solutions, part of our proprietary aluminium-lithium portfolio, delivering improved performance for wing and fuselage structures.

o   Aeral™, Constellium’s solution for aerosol containers using the drawing and ironing (D&I) technology, which allows 30% weight savings compared to traditional impact extruded containers. The AeralTM technology is now used to produce one of the world’s leading antiperspirant aerosols

o   Laminium OAB® and Inoxal®, two of Constellium’s best-in-class aluminium architectural and interior decoration applications, offering a combination of aesthetics and durability.

o   AlplanTM Beyond Precision, specialty rolled plates with up to 15 times improved flatness compared to industry standards and up to 40 percent reduction in material. It is an integrated solution that enhances our customers’ productivity and reduces cost.

o   Large extrusion profiles for rail and road applications combine lightness, strength, durability and ease of manufacturing. Constellium is the European market leader in large profiles for the aluminium body shells of all kinds of trains and other large vehicles.

Constellium’s booth is located in Hall 13 (13H11).

For additional information on the event, or to take a virtual tour of Constellium’s booth at Aluminium 2018, please visit

About Constellium

Constellium (NYSE: CSTM) is a global sector leader that develops innovative, value added aluminium products for a broad scope of markets and applications, including automotive, aerospace and packaging. Constellium generated €5.2 billion of revenue in 2017.

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