Born to Recycle receives gold trophy at 2019 Deauville Green Awards



Constellium is pleased to announce that our new video, Born to Recycle, received a gold trophy at the 2019 Deauville Green Awards. 

The international film festival dedicated to social responsibility and eco-innovation recognized Born to Recycle in the “Fight and adaptation to climate change”  spot’s category. This honor highlights Constellium’s commitment to sustainability and aluminium recycling.

Constellium launched Born to Recycle on June 5, World Environment Day. To give our message universal appeal, we opted for an unconventional format: a “slam,” with rhyming verses and a catchy beat.

Our goal in making the film was to spread awareness of aluminium’s remarkable and inherently sustainable nature: recycling aluminium requires 95% less energy than producing it from virgin materials, and it can be endlessly recycled while maintaining its material properties. Constellium has the capacity to recycle the equivalent of 32 billion cans worldwide per year.

We hope that viewers will watch Born to Recycle again and again – and that, like aluminium, it will keep on creating value.

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