Constellium announces a partnership with Project MFG to empower the future generation of American manufacturing


Constellium has agreed to join Project MFG as a Technology Partner for its Next Generation Manufacturing Challenge Series.

As a Technology Partner, Constellium will provide material and machines that power the Project MFG competitions, which bring together teams of students who compete in a real world manufacturing challenge. Participants gain unprecedented access to the latest technology and personal guidance from industry experts in materials, welding, CNC 5 Axis, metrology, and CAD/CAM. During the live action events, the teams produce complex parts made of aluminum within a tight timeframe and an even tighter budget.

Constellium will provide engineering staff to support the students as well as supply its aluminum plate Alplan® for the manufacture of the complex pieces required in the competition. Alplan® is widely recognized as the most stable aluminum currently available to the machining industry for precision manufacturing.

Advanced manufacturing skills are in high demand across the industry, but a critical gap is widening between available jobs and skilled workers. Project MFG and Constellium have joined together to give contestants the opportunity to work with the best material available in the marketing for precision machining.

“Only with partners like Constellium can we give students the hands-on opportunities they need to increase their skills in a real-world setting,” said Raymond Dick, President of RDS and founder of Project MFG.

“This partnership strengthens Constellium’s engagement to promote sustainable opportunities in manufacturing to younger generations”, said Buddy Stemple, CEO Constellium Rolled Products Ravenswood, LLC. “I am very proud to take part in this initiative and look forward to working together with Project MFG to shape the next generation of the US workforce.”

About Project MFG

The goal of Project MFG is to promote the value of a career in the manufacturing trades, accelerate new entrants into the workforce and elevate the prestige of these careers.  Project MFG is supported by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and the Industrial Base Analysis and Sustainment Program (IBAS) and a number of Industry, Education and NGO partners.

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Constellium announces a partnership with Project MFG to empower the future generation of American manufacturing