Constellium celebrates the 50-year anniversary of its Neuf-Brisach site



Today, Constellium celebrates 50 years of production at its Neuf-Brisach Haut-Rhin plant in the presence of local leaders and elected representatives*. An open-day event for employees and their families will be held October 7.

The Neuf-Brisach plant is the largest rolling mill in Europe and specializes in the manufacture of innovative aluminium products for the packaging and automotive markets. With a capacity of 450,000 tons of rolled products, the plant contributes to making Constellium a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-value products and solutions.

The Neuf-Brisach site began operations October 13, 1967, and was originally built to serve the growing needs of aluminum in the automotive sector. However, with aluminum the material of choice for beverage cans, the plant primarily services the packaging market.. Neuf-Brisach has an integrated offering, recycling more than 3 billion cans a year, the equivalent of more than half the cans used in France yearly.

Over the last decade, the growing presence of aluminium in automotive has led Neuf-Brisach to increase its activity for this sector and reconnect with its original purpose. Combining lightness, formability, corrosion resistance and endless recyclability, aluminum enables manufacturers to lighten vehicles in order to meet the increasingly stringent requirements for energy efficiency without compromising safety or design. To meet demand, last year, Constellium began operating a new 100,000-tonne finishing line, representing a 180 million euros investment. This new line is ramping-up smoothly and ahead of production schedule.

“This ceremony gives us the opportunity to acknowledge local and international partners for their continued support during these five decades. We would like to thank those who have created the favorable conditions for our growth, our clients of course, but also the public service from the local to the national level,” said Site Director Ludovic Piquier.

This celebration also enables us to look back on the history of the plant and give praise to our 1,500 employees [in a film highlighting our different activities]. According to Ludovic Piquier, "As we celebrate 50 years of growth and industrial excellence, it is largely thanks to the women and men who have collaborated at all levels to achieve the success that we know today. Our fully integrated plant is constantly adapting, resolutely forward-looking and committed to serving its customers."


* Préfet Laurent Touvet, Député Eric Straumann, Présidente du conseil départemental du Haut-Rhin Brigitte Klinkert, Conseiller Régional Bernard Gerber,  Maire de Biesheim et Président de la communauté de communes Rhin Pays de Brisach Gérard Hug.