Constellium HSA6 high-strength aluminium alloys introduced for automotive components

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Recognized as an Enabling Technology at the 2017 Altair Enlighten Awards

Amsterdam, July 31, 2017– Constellium N.V. (NYSE and Euronext Paris: CSTM) has introduced a new generation of high-strength 6000-series alloys, Constellium HSA6TM, to help automakers meet growing demand for lighter weight vehicles. Constellium HSA6TM is in production for several 2017 and 2018 model year vehicles, including the MINI Countryman.

Ideal for extrusion-based Crash Management Systems, Body-in-White structural components and battery enclosures, Constellium HSA6TM allows designers to optimize extrusion shapes and reduce wall thickness to achieve weight savings of 15-30% compared to conventional aluminium alloys. With ultimate tensile strength (UTS) higher than 400MPa, Constellium HSA6TMalso provides enhanced recyclability, machinability and corrosion resistance.

Alternately, Constellium HSA6TM can provide 15-30% additional strength to reduce intrusion in the event of a crash, thereby enhancing protection of batteries, cooling systems and other critical vehicle systems. Aluminium is the ideal material for absorbing energy in a collision to protect occupants, pedestrians and vehicle integrity.

“With Constellium HSA6TM, we are able to offer automakers a family of the highest strength    6000-series aluminium alloys available on the market for extruded automotive components,” said Martin Jarrett, Operational Excellence and Technology Director for Constellium’s Automotive Structures and Industry business unit.

According to a new study by Ducker Worldwide, aluminium extrusions are expected to increase 65% for Crash Management Systems and 100% for Body-in-White components between 2015 and 2020, with continued growth through 2028.

Earlier today, Constellium HSA6TM was recognized by the Altair Enlighten Awards for innovation in vehicle lightweighting, receiving the award for Runner Up in the Enabling Technology category.

“It is an honor for Constellium to be celebrated as a leader in technology that helps reduce vehicle weight,” said Paul Warton, President of Constellium’s Automotive Structures and Industry business unit. “As automakers continue to make vehicles lighter and electric vehicles become more prevalent, Constellium is uniquely positioned to offer superior materials, as well as the design, simulation, testing, prototyping and production expertise to bring advanced solutions to market.”

In addition to its existing extrusion plants in Europe, Constellium created a new joint venture, Astrex, in Ontario, Canada, to produce its proprietary alloy for components supplied from Constellium’s Automotive Structures plants in North America.

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