Constellium releases 2017 Business and Sustainability Report

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Constellium N.V. (NYSE: CSTM) announced the release of its 2017 Business and Sustainability Report, including results and progress updates on its 2020 sustainability targets.

We conducted a new Materiality Assessment to ensure that our sustainability programs remain aligned with our stakeholders’ expectations. This Assessment confirmed that we already address their high-priority issues, such as climate change and human and labor rights protection, and showed that our stakeholders have an overall positive perception of Constellium’s sustainability performance.

As we are defining a greenhouse gas reduction program, we have also conducted a full Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) model of our activities and products, detailed in this report. The model goes beyond Constellium’s activities to include the other phases of our products’ life cycle, such as metal sourcing, product usage phase, and end of life recycling.

“Constellium’s 2017 Business and Sustainability report demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement, increased disclosure, and expanded stakeholder engagement”, said Jean-Marc Germain, CEO of Constellium. “We want to create sustainable value – for our customers, employees, shareholders and communities, as we strive to improve the footprint of aluminium’s life-cycle throughout the value-chain.”

The report details Constellium’s progress towards its 2020 sustainability targets, showing overall improvement for most of them. Most notably, Constellium is well on-track with its commitment to sustainable sourcing, with a new responsible supply chain management policy and extended audits. Some targets require further improvement, such as safety or energy efficiency, two key priorities for Constellium. We are implementing further actions to accelerate our progress, especially in these two critical areas of our operations.

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