Constellium Releases Annual Business and Sustainability Report reflecting Progress towards 2020 Sustainability Targets

Annual report



Constellium N.V. (NYSE and Euronext Paris: CSTM) today released its 2016 Annual Business and Sustainability Performance Report, evaluating its performance against its 2020 targets.

“At Constellium, we’re committed to integrating sustainability into the very heart of our business, where our efforts create value for our customers, our shareholders, our employees and the communities we proudly serve,” said Arnaud Jouron, Chairman of Constellium’s Sustainability Council and President of Constellium’s Packaging and Automotive Rolled Products business unit.

Most sustainability objectives are on track, namely:

Increase beverage recycling rate: We have endorsed industry-led objectives and Europe is on track to reach the 80% recycling rate target set for 2020. However, the US beverage can recycling rate decreased in 2016, but we will continue to work with the industry and other stakeholders to address this complex issue. At Constellium, we have significantly increased our used beverage cans recycling capacity in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, US with the installation of a new furnace.

Increase customer satisfaction: Our 2016 customer survey showed continued satisfaction from our customers, and we continue to innovate to offer lighter, safer and infinitely recyclable solutions to our customers.

Engage our people: Our 2016 survey showed a 2% improvement versus our last survey in 2014, with a stable participation rate.

Strengthen our communities: More than half of our plants organized a community program in 2016, with our US sites being particularly active.

Build a standard for aluminum: We have actively participated in finalizing the Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI) certification program, which will be available in early 2018.

Ensure sustainable purchasing: Throughout 2016, we continued to evaluate the sustainability performance of key suppliers as planned.

The following sustainability objectives need some improvement, and we are implementing corrective actions to address them with the objective of getting back on track by the end of 2017:

Further improve our safety record: We saw a degradation in our 2016 recordable case rate[1]. However, our safety results remain among the best in the industry, and we were able to contain the number of serious injuries within our maximum limit.

Reduce production waste sent to landfill: As we focused on better measuring production wastes, we identified unreported waste streams. This, combined with some non-recurrent landfilled waste, led to an increase in the total waste produced in 2016 as compared to 2015.

Improve energy efficiency: While we improved slightly year over year by 0.3%, we remain under our target due largely to the temporary effects of ramp-ups and operational changes.

To learn more about Constellium’s sustainability progress and to download our 2016 business and sustainability report, please visit

[1] Recordable Case Rate measures the number of fatalities, serious injuries, lost-time injuries, restricted work injuries or medical treatments per one million hours worked.

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