Constellium supplying aluminium Auto Body Sheet solutions to a premium car manufacturer

Constellium image


Constellium SE (NYSE: CSTM) today announced that it is supplying aluminium Auto Body Sheet solutions for the Mercedes-Benz C-Class produced in Europe, China, and South Africa and sold around the world. Constellium provides aluminium for the hood, roof, tailgate, and fenders of the Mercedes-Benz model.

Aluminium is a natural choice to make vehicles lighter and more efficient, and provides numerous additional benefits to enhance vehicle design, durability and safety. For the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Constellium provides its Surfalex® solution for the outer closures to deliver exceptional surface quality for sharp designs as well as to maximize corrosion resistance. For the inner closure parts, Constellium Securalex® responds to the most demanding pedestrian safety requirements.

“Constellium and Mercedes-Benz AG share a long history and we are proud to be a global partner on their Mercedes-Benz C-Class,” said Dieter Höll, Vice President of Global Automotive Rolled Products at Constellium. “This project demonstrates our ability to manage complex global programs by leveraging the expertise and commitment of our technical and customer service teams across multiple markets.”

Auto Body Sheet solutions for the Mercedes-Benz C-Class are delivered by Constellium’s ASI-certified plant in Neuf-Brisach, France. Constellium also supplies the front Crash Management System for this vehicle from its plant in Gottmadingen, Germany.

Constellium, a full-service supplier of rolled and extruded aluminium solutions for the global automotive market, supplies aluminium for 1 in 4 vehicles produced in Europe and the U.S. We help automakers produce lighter, safer and more fuel-efficient vehicles, as well as electric vehicles with greater range.