Constellium’s new AlplanTM Beyond Precision product line to support increased demand for high performance aluminium plates



Constellium N.V. (NYSE: CSTM) is proud to announce its new AlplanTM Beyond Precision product line.

AlplanTM Beyond Precision was developed by Constellium to provide high value-add solutions to customers by adding plate with advanced mechanical properties to its offerings. The AlplanTM product line consists of specialty rolled plates with up to 15 times better flatness compared to industry standards, up to 40 percent less material needs and up to 90 percent reduction in part rework compared to a mill finish plate.

Key benefits of Constellium’s new AlplanTM product line include:

·         Excellent mechanical properties, outstanding shape stability and tight dimensional tolerances that support weight reduction, scrap and cost savings.

·         Enables Constellium’s customers to save up to 50 percent in manufacturing time, accelerating the output of production lines.

·         Best-in-class flatness obtained through tightly controlled rolling, highly advanced heat treatment and precision milling on both sides of the plate, eliminating the majority of set ups and low value machine passes.

·         Optimized flow path minimizing residual stress to make AlplanTM up to three times more stable than a mill finish plate, resulting in up to 90 percent reduction in part rework.

·         Best anodizing results even for typically difficult products.


“AlplanTM Beyond Precision is an excellent solution for our customers’ requirements for constant productivity increases. We demonstrate once more our commitment for operational excellence throughout the entire supply chain, making our customers’ lives easier and helping to reduce their production cost,” says Ingrid Joerg, President Aerospace and Transportation at Constellium. “AlplanTM Beyond Precision is part of our strategy to develop value-added aluminium products and to offer sustainable growth solutions for our customers.”

“TRA-C Industrie specializes on highly demanding final applications for Defense. Thanks to AlplanTM aluminium plates, we successfully overcame various technical challenges” says Bruno Voland, CEO of TRA-C Industrie. “AlplanTM provides exceptional dimensional stability and flatness paired with very narrow thickness tolerance resulting in better machinability and weldability, both by advanced techniques such as Friction Stir Welding (FSW) and more traditional ones. With AlplanTM we improve welding productivity and profitability.”

The Constellium AlplanTM production center is located in Sierre, Switzerland.


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