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Constellium’s extensive knowledge of the building and construction industry allows us to deliver the most technologically advanced solutions for our customers.

Aluminium offers this sector numerous qualities: an excellent strength-weight ratio, insulating properties, formability, durability, resistance to corrosion and weather, and undeniable visual appeal. At a time when sustainability is of primary concern, our aluminium solutions support renewable energy and low-consumption housing. They are highly recyclable.

We provide a wide range of premium semi-products and services. They have been specially developed to meet aesthetic requirements and technical challenges for applications such as facades and interiors, roof construction, cladding, doors and windows, ceiling systems, composite applications, high-quality light fittings, and specialty thermal breaks. Customers have the option of bright, textured, brushed, anodized, and mill finishes, and various surface treatments.

Building & Construction - Laminium® solutions

Laminium® | Solutions for Interiors and Exteriors

Building & Construction - Aluminium extrusion solutions

Aluminium Extrusion Solutions

Building & Construction - Technical paint stock and foil stock

Technical Paint Stock and Foil Stock

Building & Construction - Steps and planks

Steps and planks

Building & Construction - Solar panels

Solar Panels