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Aluminium is a preferred material for all kinds of packaging, as it can be endlessly recycled without loss of properties. Aluminium cans have become the eco-responsible alternative to plastics in beverage packaging, infinitely reborn in a “closed loop” process and back on the shelf in 60 days. Aluminium also keeps beverages cold, is flexible and lightweight, and can be densely stacked. 

Constellium is a world-leading supplier for the aluminium packaging market. We supply goods and solutions for every aspect of the market, from recycling to aluminium coils and sheets. We tailor our solutions to a broad range of products: beverage cans, food cans, wine and spirits closures, hair and body care aerosols, cosmetics, and foil. 


of our 2022 revenue came from the Packaging market


worldwide for closure stocks


for canstock in Europe and North America