The Aluminium Can Advantage

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Aluminum beverage cans are the most sustainable beverage package by virtually every measure. Cans have a higher recycling rate and more recycled content than competing package types. They are lightweight, stackable, and strong, allowing brands to package and transport more beverages using less material. And aluminium cans are far more valuable than glass or plastic, helping make municipal recycling programs financially viable and effectively subsidizing the recycling of less valuable materials in the bin.

Most of all, aluminium cans are recycled over and over again in a true "closed loop" recycling process. Glass and plastic are typically "downcycled" into products such as carpet fibers or landfill liners.


Recycled aluminium saves 95% of the energy needed to make new aluminium

60 days

The average time required to recycle a can


The average aluminium beverage can is 38% lighter than in the 1970s