at Constellium

Our development programs

Our learning and development offerings are aligned with our business strategy & values. For example, early career engineers entering Constellium have an opportunity to join our Global Engineering Development Program (GEDP), which offers a unique opportunity to develop their technical, leadership and business skills.

Experienced Professionals

Aluminium is a modern, highly technical material found in products such as commercial aircraft, automobiles, and beverage cans. These products must meet detailed specifications and their manufacture requires great skill, which is why Constellium’s experienced professionals and experts have significant impact on our performance.



Recent Graduates

Graduates who are eager to take on responsibility and be challenged in an international environment will thrive at Constellium. Our employees are keen to share their knowledge and experience to help new hires learn as much as possible, as quickly as possible.


Interns and Apprentices

Constellium offers a range of internships, apprenticeships, and PhD partnerships in manufacturing, R&D, sales, support functions, and more. We are looking for students who are keen to put their learning into practice, and we offer opportunities for rapid development to those who are enthusiastic about aluminium and its potential.