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Interview with Christine Dummel, HR development & vocational training

What types of training and apprenticeships are on offer?

Our apprenticeships vary depending on the location: you could be an electrician, in maintenance, in a technical role, or on the shop floor. We also have different offers in business education.

Wherever the apprenticeship is located, you can be assured that it will be interesting. Just to name a few:

  • In our German plant, Singen, we have more than 100 young apprentices who typically train for three years or so and then go onto the shop floor and work up the career ladder. There are also dual engineering students with an excellent mix of practical and theoretical experience. Click here to know more.
  • In our Czech Republic plant, Decin, we offer a “single practice” apprenticeship, which is three weeks total per year, as well as “professional training,” which lasts for the 10-month school year.
  • At Ravenswood, in the U.S., our apprentices work with machines that produce extremely high-tech components for world-leading aerospace clients.

What student profiles is Constellium looking for?

Depending on our locations, we propose internships or vocational training, but we are also looking for post-graduates for places such as our R&T centers. We have up to 70 students in R&D alone working with our teams as part of their bachelor’s or master’s degrees in engineering and metallurgy.

What environments do students work in and with whom?

The work environment will be very different whether you are working in a plant or in one of our corporate offices. Since we are located in many countries, it might also vary depending upon where you enroll. However, everywhere at Constellium we share a common set of values and we push for a diverse team where everybody’s contribution is encouraged and developed. 

How does the HR team help students to develop their projects?

We take a hands-on approach to fostering development. In Singen for example, which is one of the plants that I’m most familiar with due to my position, we assign our apprentices to five trainers who teach them the job from scratch. Motivated students can quickly take on responsibilities within Constellium. One can start on the shop floor and become a shift leader, then production leader, within a matter of years.