Our development

Onboarding program

We know that a successful integration is the foundation to a successful career. This is why we pay special attention to your onboarding - whether it is locally at your site or on a global scale.

Our Digital Onboarding modules are made up of 10 e-Learning tutorials designed to help onboarding new hires and get them up to speed faster by sharing some of our key pillars such as:

  • Overview of our culture and values, specifically around EHS First,
  • Our strategic pillars and sustainability goals
  • Set expectations around our Code of Conduct

Leadership Development Program (LDP)

Our mid-level leaders have an opportunity to join our Leadership Development Program (LDP) to develop their leadership skills and promote a common management culture at Constellium. It is a learning journey that focuses on discrete skills through mixed learning methodologies. The LDP targets approximately 500 mid-level leaders from all sites and functions.

Global Engineering Development Program 


Early career engineers entering Constellium have an opportunity to join our Global Engineering Development Program (GEDP), which offers a unique opportunity to develop their technical, leadership and business skills and to help build a pipeline of talented engineers to help promote internal advancement into leadership positions within Constellium.

The program is based on a combination of concrete job experiences, class-based events, webinars, and experimental learning, as well as individual mentoring with senior leaders in our company. During this journey you will have an opportunity to work on an individual project in which you will apply your newfound knowledge and skills. Throughout this experience, participants will be able to network with other early engineers and senior leaders, as well a visit some of our plants throughout the world. This program is a developmental steppingstone to help further your career.

Program Requirements

  • Two or fewer years of experience.
  • Candidates should be willing to pursue regional and global opportunities within our markets.
  • A primary degree or equivalent in a technological or engineering discipline, such as material science, metallurgy, electrical, mechanical, automation & robotics, chemical or industrial.

Discover a few impressions of our new engineers:


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