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Interview with Armelle Tilly, Human Resources Manager, Constellium Issoire plant, France

What types of graduate profiles does Constellium look for?

We hire very different types of profiles: R&D engineers, shift supervisors, finance controllers, maintenance or supply chain managers, just to name a few. In general, I would say we are looking for dynamic people who are able to generate new ideas. We expect our new hires to speak English and be mobile, so they can help us grow in our different markets and regions. We value innovative people who are passionate about materials and our different markets: automotivepackaging, aerospace, defense, transportation or industry.

What kinds of opportunities do we offer graduates?

From the start, we help graduates select the most suitable workplace based on their skills and abilities. But we also accompany them throughout their careers. We encourage diverse experiences so that our employees can develop different skills. New hires might start their careers in our world-class technology center and then move on to one of our extrusion or rolling plants or vice-versa.

What are their responsibilities? 

As a general rule we want to empower young hires, but of course it all depends on their role and their drive. In the R&D environment, we encourage them to propose innovative solutions, take on technical leadership, and collaborate in developing products or processes. On our sites or in production roles, young engineers can take on mid-level responsibilities across the range of engineering roles we offer. They can contribute to solving technical challenges, calling on their fresh perspectives and enthusiasm. In our headquarters, young graduates might work for one of our three business units or contribute to one of our support functions, whether it is in finance, IT, communications, legal, or HR.

How does the HR team help young graduates develop their careers?

First of all, young graduates benefit from an induction program as soon as they arrive at the company. At our Constellium University, newcomers attend group training programs such as an onboarding seminar or leadership training session.

Managers and HR also conduct regular reviews with graduates to ensure that they succeed in their integration. These meetings are a chance to discuss career aspirations and opportunities for mobility. We have more than 20 sites worldwide and are continuing to grow, so we are able to offer our people careers in an international environment.