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At Constellium, we believe that we are at our best when every member of our team feels respected, included, and empowered. We see diversity as a strength, and appreciate what each individual brings to our team with their unique perspective, background and culture.





Our commitment

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At Constellium, our values are more than just words. Safety, Respect, Transparency, Trust, Collaboration and Empowerment are also actions and they set the standard for how we interact with each other and how we operate as a company. Ultimately, they define who we are and who we want to be. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is embedded in our values.

We value employees and partners from all walks of life and strive to foster an inclusive environment where everyone can contribute and thrive, and where employees and the company benefit from diverse backgrounds, ideas and experiences.

Constellium rejects racism and discrimination in all their forms. All our employees are to abide by our Code of Conduct,  which lays downs strict guidelines on the behaviors we expect from all our employees.

Everyone is entitled to be treated with respect at work. Respect is important for a harmonious workplace, where the rights of employees are upheld, and where their dignity is guaranteed, free from intimidation, discrimination or coercion of any kind.


Extract from Constellium’s Code of Conduct

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