Aerospace Sheet

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Thanks to our state-of-the-art R&D capabilities, Constellium’s industry leading, high-performance aerospace alloy portfolio benefits our customers whether they build commercial aircraft, business and regional jets, military aircraft, or space vehicles. 

Airware® 2198 T8 sheet

Airware® 2198-T8 is a low-density aluminum sheet product designed to provide high damage tolerance combined with high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Low density, high fracture toughness, and high strength make Airware® 2198 sheets an excellent choice for external fuselage skin and other fatigue and damage tolerance driven applications. Airware® 2198 is flying and in-use today on multiple programs and applications. Taking advantage of the improved properties and density, significant weight reductions can be achieved.

Airware® 2098 T8 sheet

2098-T8 is a low density aluminum sheet alloy designed to provide high strength and excellent corrosion resistance for aerospace applications. Airware® 2098 sheets are optimized for static-driven components, such as fuselage webs and doublers, as well as roll- or brake-formed stringers and frames, currently manufactured from 7075 or 7050 sheet. Thanks to its low density, increased stiffness and high mechanical strength compared to incumbent alloys, considerable weight reductions can be achieved.

6156-T4 / T6

6156 clad sheets have been developed for lower and upper fuselage sections delivering improved strength-toughness balance compared to baseline 2024 clad sheets, at a lower density. The composition of the cladding has been optimized to improve overall corrosion resistance. 6156 clad sheets exhibit outstanding formability, providing cost reduction possibilities by forming in T4 temper instead of O temper. 6156 sheets are also weldable through conventional fusion welding methods. 

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