Auto Body Sheet Outers

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An exquisite appearance and beautiful character lines are integral to a premium brand experience. Constellium's comprehensive Automotive Body Sheet offering and deep expertise bring even the most demanding designs to life. Our state-of-the-art equipment and talented teams help customers maximize productivity while minimizing waste and interruptions. Aluminium solutions reduce carbon footprint from cradle to grave, helping companies reach their sustainability targets.

Materializing demanding designs

Our automotive outers deliver bold designs with sharp lines, without compromising on surface quality after painting. Aluminium enhances in-service performance with best-in-class corrosion resistance. Our optimized compositions and processing conditions minimize optical imperfections caused by forming.

Maximum productivity, minimal waste

Our top-of-the-line equipment, quality controls, and operational experience ensure outstanding performance, so customers can operate their production lines faster and with fewer interruptions. Excellent cleanliness with no particles or debris eliminates rework and contamination of tools. Even after an extended time in storage, the material performs perfectly; natural aging is controlled and predictable.

Reduced carbon footprints

Because aluminium is up to 50% lighter than steel, it provides countless lightweighting opportunities throughout a vehicle, resulting in greater fuel efficiency, increased range per charge, and reduced CO2 emissions. Closed-loop collaboration with Constellium minimizes CO2 intensity. We guarantee our products' footprint for the length of each contract, and provide verified third-party certificates.

Technical services

We offer more than just alumimium. With our extensive services, we are a trusted partner in several areas of expertise, such as prototyping sheets, characterization, numerical simulation, feasibility studies, product innovation, R&D analysis, problem-solving, and onsite support.

Constellium’s capabilities

Within the Surfalex® family, Constellium has a range of solutions that meet all leading OEMs’ specifications, including high-strength and highly formable solutions. 

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