Auto Body Sheet Structures

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Automotive body structures are exposed to a wide range of strength conditions, and must meet strict requirements to ensure excellent crash performance and corrosion behavior. These factors play a significant role in the design process, and are increasingly integrated into the development of eco-friendly products. Constellium’s unrivaled expertise and comprehensive offering of structural alloys for Automotive Body Sheet enhance performance and provide the means to innovate.

Excellent crash performance

Our structural alloys are lighter than steel and offer higher crash performance. This advantage is created by the behavior of alloys during a crash, the resistance of joints (bonded, riveted, welded), and material durability. All our solutions are developed and rigorously tested to withstand structural forms of corrosion. They are excellent for under-ride protection and top-cover applications within battery enclosures. 

Joining and bonding

Aluminium sheet-intensive structures require extensive joining. The properties of the joints have a significant effect on the entire structure’s performance. Thanks to our expertise in joining technologies and our bond durability, we create products that meet even the most demanding needs.

Reduced carbon footprint

Aluminium is up to 50% lighter than steel, providing countless possibilities to find lightweighting opportunities throughout a vehicle, for greater fuel efficiency, increased range per charge, and reduced CO2 emissions. Closed-loop collaboration with Constellium minimizes the CO2 intensity of products. We guarantee the footprint of our products for the length of each contract and provide verified third-party certificates.

Technical services

We offer more than just alumimium. With our extensive services, we are a trusted partner in several areas of expertise, such as prototyping sheets, characterization, numerical simulation, feasibility studies, product innovation, R&D analysis, problem-solving, and onsite support.

Constellium’s capabilites

Within the Securalex® family, Constellium has a range of solutions that meet all leading OEMs’ specifications, from medium- to ultra-high-strength. 

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