Building Applications

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Due to its mechanical properties, aluminium offers superior aesthetic appeal for decorative external and internal building applications. Its durability, usability, high recyclability as well as its corrosion and weather resistance make aluminium an ideal material choice for contemporary architecture. 

Constellium provides a wide range of premium semi-products and services specially developed to meet aesthetic requirements and technical challenges for different applications, including facades and interiors, roof construction, cladding, doors and windows, ceiling systems, and composite applications.

Constellium’s production process meets the top metallurgical and technical standards. Our state-of-the-art equipment, quality controls, and vast operational experience guarantee unrivaled consistency and top-quality materials, setting the standards for the industry.

Aluminium Sheets and Coils

Our product range includes aluminium coils and sheets with plain or treated surfaces, anodizing-quality sheets, and coils through our premium product line Laminium®, and technical paint stock.

International Standards, European, and National building regulations are becoming tougher by the day, with the aim of increasing the air tightness of buildings, and thereby minimizing heat loss. Aluminium products are ideal, as they are not porous and their mechanical stability secures the highest performance throughout the years.

Our aluminum solutions have the option of bright, textured, brushed, anodized, and mill finishes, as well as various surface treatments. Our products are decorative, durable, and corrosion-resistant. They offer excellent insulating properties and formability and have a good strength-weight ratio. At a time when sustainability is of primary concern, we work to ensure our aluminium solutions support renewable energy and low-consumption housing, leaving minimal environmental impact.


Laminium® is Constellium's solution for best-in-class anodized aluminium architectural applications. Laminium® has been developed by our R&D Center in Voreppe, France to comply with the highest standards in terms of appearance, color consistency between batches, formability, and long-term resistance. Laminium® allows architects to create complex styles and designs with unique aspects.

This technically advanced product has excellent anticorrosion properties. In addition to great appearance and longevity, Laminium® is also easily workable. From our Singen plant in Germany, we supply quality anodizing products in a wide range of colors.


Our Inoxal® product can easily replace stainless steel for many applications. With excellent functionality and light weight, it can be easily treated and combined with other materials. The anti-fingerprint property and the modern brushed aspect are ideal for architectural and decorative products. Inoxal® exists in anodizing qualities. A wide range of colors is available.

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