Foil Packaging

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We provide foil stock for flexible packaging applications in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.


Aluminium foil makes for convenient and easy-to-open packaging for different foods, covering a wide range of applications, including dairy products, coffee capsules, and food containers. 

Constellium is working to support and improve the sustainability of the packaging ecosystem, through the common work within the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative and through targeted high recycled content campaigns.


Aluminium foil is well suited for a variety of user-friendly and secure packaging in the pharmaceutical industry, including blister packaging, push-through, peelable, and optical lidding. In these applications, aluminium foil provides a key element of safety combined with branding possibilities.


Aluminium foil is a versatile and creative choice of packaging material for cosmetics products. From samples and single-dose sachets to secure closure sealings and collapsible tubes, foil's impermeability provides excellent characteristics in terms of protecting the product, as well as enhancing perceived quality through a high gloss surface and suitability for multi-color printing.

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