Food Cans

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Aluminium is the ideal material for shaped food cans and single-serving containers. Due to its light weight, formability, and strength, aluminium delivers superior performance versus competitive substrates in terms of protection, preservation, and end user experience. 

Aluminium is also infinitely recyclable. This means the inherent properties do not change during use despite repeated recycling into new products. 

A Wide Range of Products and Solutions

Constellium is a leading supplier of aluminium coils and sheets for rectangular, oval, and square cans, and offers degreased or fully coated food stock mainly servicing the pet food and seafood markets.

We provide a full range of coatings that comply with food standards, sterilization, and thermos sealing.

Produced from Our Facilities in Neuf-Brisach and Singen

We produce aluminium for food cans in Neuf Brisach, France and Singen, Germany. These state-of-the-art plants have advanced production capabilities and are integrated from slab production to finishing.

Innovating through Customer Partnership

Constellium has a long track-record of developing targeted, improved performance alloys for the packaging market. Our teams also work in partnership with our customers on better processes and technologies to increase recycling, and on a lighter can. 

Recycling Capacity

Constellium has significant recycling capacity in Europe and the United States. We are also working to increase our recycling inputs to further improve our position as a recycler of used beverage cans.

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