Heat Exchangers

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Heat exchangers must meet highly demanding performance and durability requirements to provide consistent and efficient results throughout their service life. Constellium’s portfolio of heat exchanger products and solutions reflects our tireless commitment to research, technology, and innovation. It also testifies to our deep understanding of automotive OEM needs and the latest developments in heat exchanger technology. We are committed to uncompromising performance for thermal management.

Meeting Customer Requirements

Constellium offers a range of Mg-free solutions adapted to customer needs. Our latest alloy developed for EV applications guarantees upper post-brazed tensile strength performance. Our 3915 solution meets the highest standards in Nocolok® brazing and the strictest thermal shock requirements. Constellium’s long-life core alloys have an excellent natural corrosion behavior. In addition, for the most demanding applications, we have developed multilayer solutions under the Kool X® brand to satisfy a variety of inner and outer corrosion demands. 

Logistics Agility and Consistent Processability

Constellium’s dedicated team has the agility to adjust to changing customer needs and deliver a fit-for-purpose offering, especially in critical situations. Our stable and consistent product quality means reliable processability for our customers. We are proud to be considered the industry benchmark.

Technical Services

We provide more than just aluminium. Our extensive services help maximize the value-in-use of vehicles and achieve decarbonization targets. We are a trusted partner in several areas of expertise, such as prototyping sheets, characterization, numerical simulation, feasibility studies, product innovation, R&D analysis, problem solving, and onsite support.

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