Mold Plates

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Different mold materials can be used depending on the number of shots, the plastic material in use, the size of the mold, the required surface finish, and other properties. Constellium has developed a wide range of high-strength aluminium plates, proposing excellent polishing and etching properties, as well meeting high-transparency on plastic parts.

From prototyping to small programs, from blow molding to injection molds for series production, Alumold® is creating more value for mold makers, part makers, and ultimately OEMs. 

Alumold® 600

Alumold® 600 is designed to provide the highest possible strength and hardness available today.

Alumold® 500

Alumold® 500 alloy is optimized to offer excellent machinability, very good form stability, and high core mechanical properties required for mold making. Typical applications are plastic injection molding tools.

Alumold® 400

Alumold® 400 offers the strength, polishability, and texturing options required by plastic container designers, and the latest b/c/h productivity.

Alumold® 350

Alumold® 350 offers strength, polishability and resistance to high mold operating temperatures (up to 200°C).

Alumold® 150

Alumold® 150 fits series production in low pressure processes and at high temperatures.

Certal® SPC

The proprietary casting process of Alcast ensures the lowest possible porosity and consistent properties at every thickness. Alcast is well-suited to prototype tools or production tools for small programs with no polishing requirements.

Certal® SPC has been optimized to provide excellent machinability, good shape stability, and high-strength properties throughout the plate thickness. Typical applications include compression or injection molds for plastics.

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