Semiconductor Plates

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Constellium provides unique proprietary solutions for semiconductor and flat panel manufacturing equipment, with consistently high-quality material, tailored to application needs (anodizability, thick cross-section, machinability, etc.).

6063S Plates

Constellium’s 6063S rolled plates have strength properties, uniform through-thickness grain structure, a very low level of impurities, excellent corrosion resistance, very good dimensional stability, and high thermal and electrical conductivity. Combined with 6063S ENDURANCE®, Constellium's proprietary anodization process, the alloy gives an oxide layer with excellent resistance to aggressive environments.

6061 Plates

Constellium 6061 is processed to have a consistently uniform through-thickness grain structure to achieve uniform anodizing. Our plates are also processed to achieve low residual stresses (LRS) – especially in thinner plates where residual stresses tend to be higher. Constellium 6061 is available as: 

  • K060: high anodizability thin plate

  • K068: high anodizability & low porosity thick plate 

  • K061: improved machinability & chip breaking variant 

3003 Low Zinc Alloy

Constellium's 3003 Low Zinc alloy is very good corrosion resistance and moderate strength, as well as good machinability. 

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