Addressing Climate Change

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Climate change is one of the biggest environmental, social, and economic challenges we all face. We recognize the effect of human activity on the climate and understand the need to limit and reduce GHG emissions. Constellium is committed to improving our efficiency in the use of natural resources, especially energy.

We plan to continue our efforts to decrease the GHG emissions intensity linked to our activities (scope 1 and 2). We also commit to reduce our emissions linked to our supply chain (scope 3), by increasing our recycled metal input and by partnering with our suppliers to promote low-carbon emission primary aluminium.

Addressing Climate Change - 2030 GHG emissions intensity targets

2030 Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Emissions Intensity Targets

Addressing Climate Change - Disclosing our Emissions

Disclosing Our Emissions

Addressing Climate Change - Improving energy efficiency

Improving Energy Efficiency

Addressing Climate Change - Decreasing emissions through recycling

Decreasing Scope 3 Emissions Through Recycling

Addressing Climate Change - Issoire keeping local residents warm

Keeping Our Neighbors warms with Energ'Iss