Energy Efficiency

Energy is a precious resource, and saving energy reduces both our environmental footprint and our costs. We build our energy efficiency program by:

  • Defining an action plan for each site, including operational and investment-related improvements
  • Sharing effective ideas and best practices through an active energy network to help sites achieve their goals (for instance, cross-plant audits and energy-focused visits to other companies )
  • Tracking all actions on a quarterly basis at each business unit
  • Certification of our key plants with ISO 50001 as the norm for our large European sites

Limiting Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Climate change is one of the biggest environmental, social, and economic challenges we all face. At Constellium, we recognize the effect of human activity on the climate and understand the need to limit greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Our climate change mitigation program is based not only on our own emissions and energy efficiency program, but on a complete life cycle approach. We believe that without conducting a thorough Life Cycle Assessment, simply reducing our emissions will not sufficiently diminish our global carbon footprint. Understanding the overall picture is crucial to making the right decisions.

We disclose our scope 1 and 2 GHG footprint annually in our Business and Sustainability Report. Please find more information here

We are working to define an ambitious yet realistic emissions reduction target, consistent with our position in the aluminium value chain and taking into account the full life cycle of our products.

Reducing Landfilled Waste

Constellium has set an overall reduction target of 10% for the amount of landfilled waste resulting from our production operations.

Today most of our production waste in recycled.

However, on one hand, we produce "technical" waste that is not recyclable by traditional mean and that goes to landfill such as flue-gas dust, sludge from wastewater treatment, and waste from demolition.

On the other hand, and specifically in our US plants, we still generate municipal waste that currently goes to landfill. We are undertaking sorting and recycling of this scrap.

Preventing On-Site Pollution

We work hard to prevent pollution at our sites by maintaining adequate tools and processes (including internal directives and guidelines) and making sure we have the appropriate protection and containment equipment. Our air emissions remain relatively constant and of low intensity.

Our air emissions policy is based on:

  • Strict compliance, with a strengthened follow-up of legislation at site level
  • Adequate action plans to reduce or limit emissions, linked to more efficient investments and controls