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Valais, Switzerland - Aluminium Manufacturing Plant | Constellium

In Valais, Constellium employs over 700 people and is organized around three production facilities: two casthouses based in Steg and Chippis, as well as plate and extrusion shops located in Sierre. The three production plants serve two of Constellium’s operational business units: Aerospace and Transportation, and Automotive Structure and Industries. The high quality and valued-added aluminum products are used in aerospace, industry, rail and defense market segments.



Valais, Switzerland - Aluminium Manufacturing Plant | Constellium
Type : Plant
Constellium Valais SA
Route des Laminoirs 15
3960 – Sierre
Tel: +41 (0)27 457 51 11

500,000 m²
123.5 acres
  • ISO 45001
  • NADCAP materials testing laboratories (Chemical analysis)
  • EN 9100
  • IRIS
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 50001
  • ISO 9001
  • NADCAP heat treating

Aerospace plate, General engineering plate, Armor plate, High-speed train large profiles


Manufacturing capabilities

Casthouses (Steg and Chippis)

The Steg casthouse is dedicated to applications for the aerospace, industry, automotive and defense markets. It produces aluminum slabs for rolling at Constellium’s hot mill at Issoire and Neuf-Brisach, France. The casthouse consists of melting and casting furnaces, conventional and electromagnetic (EMC) casting, homogenizing furnaces, as well as a saw and milling machines.

The Chippis casthouse produces aluminum bars and billets, which are transformed in Constellium’s plants at Sierre (Switzerland) and Singen (Germany).

Plate shop (Sierre)

The plate shop manufactures high value-added aluminum plates in a variety of widths dedicated to industry, defense and aerospace. The plates undergo several thermal and mechanical treatments to modify their properties according to customer needs. The plate shop consists of quenching furnaces, stretchers, straightening machines, ageing furnaces, saws and surface milling machines.

Extrusion and die shop (Sierre)

The extrusion and die shop produces large profiles used in the transportation, automotive, industry and construction sectors (including molding, machinery, tooling and general engineering). The extrusion shop is equipped with 2 large extrusion presses and furnaces for tempering, quenching and annealing, enabling us to provide highly sophisticated large sections e.g. for the rail industry. The extrusion and die shop is also equipped to perform in-house US control. Finally, added value operations (machining, welding, bending, kitting, assembly) are provided either by in-house CNC machining or in cooperation with an established and proven sub-supplier network.


Constellium’s plants in Valais are well recognized for the high quality of products delivered to customers. To offer the best-in-class quality, Constellium has several laboratories in Valais:

  • The Test Material Laboratory, where technicians work on destructive tests to characterize the mechanical properties of the products.
  • The Metallurgy Expertise Laboratory, where metallurgical and microscopic tests are conducted to control the macro and microstructures of the plates produced.
  • žThe Spectrometry Laboratory, to control the chemical composition of the alloys produced at the casthouse.
Apprenticeships in Valais

Constellium in Valais has his own Apprentice Center, recognized by the Canton and offers various possibilities in technical apprenticeships. They actually train about 50 people. 

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