TESEM's Expedition with Constellium's Smartlabs

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Innovation Highlights

TESEM, a global leader in luxury packaging, excels in providing Innovative Packaging Solutions for the luxury fragrance and cosmetic industries. With close to 40 years of industrial expertise, TESEM operates six cutting-edge production plants near Barcelona, spanning 33,095 m2. Specialising in all sorts of aluminium packaging, TESEM integrates design, production, assembly and supply to meet specific customer requirements.

Distinguished by its commitment to research and innovation, TESEM remains a pioneer in aluminium packaging, understanding the paramount importance of perceived quality and brand image in the luxury market.

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TESEM's Journey: Navigating Opportunities and Challenges

For TESEM, the experience with Smartlabs unfolded against the backdrop of specific opportunities and challenges. A significant opportunity emerged in the enhancement of the sustainability performance of their aluminium parts and overall packaging solutions while simultaneously improving or maintaining the critical performance characteristics. Concurrently, the challenge involved streamlining solutions and processes to reduce complexity, cost and environmental impacts.

Constellium’s Smartlabs played a pivotal role in guiding the team on the most effective projects to tackle the opportunities and challenges at hand. Both parties, having confidence in the Smartlabs process, committed to allocating resources to develop the selected concepts.

This commitment ensures that the path to progress is aligned with the right objectives, enabling TESEM and Constellium to systematically navigate in the right direction on the journey ahead.

"Grateful for the profound insights, transparent collaboration, and the unwavering commitment to make a meaningful impact together. In the realm of innovation, our shared dedication paves the way for a future where collaboration isn't just a process - it's the essence of transformative success."

Susana Santos PhD, Innovation Director TESEM Group