and Partnerships

At Constellium we believe that the best innovation comes from working with others and keeping an open mind. This is the reason our teams collaborate with scientific partners, academics and customers all around the world, all year long.

International Scientific Council

In 2013 we created the International Scientific Council of Constellium to nurture and broaden our perspective on emerging domains, key drivers, and technological trends related to our strategic activities. The council comprises six academic members from laboratories and universities around the world.

Our innovation teams at C-TEC and Plymouth work closely with the International Scientific Council to identify trends and upcoming opportunities. They provide us with high level advisory support and recommendations regarding R&D, approaches to innovation, research collaborations, and enriching our scientific network. 

For example, in recent years the council has advised us on the “aluminisation” trend in the automotive market, as automakers seek out the benefits of lightweighting for electric and hybrid vehicles. We consulted the council about 3D printing and additive manufacturing, particularly in the aerospace industry, where we are partnering with several major manufacturers and suppliers. And as Industry 4.0 becomes a reality, the council has helped guide our decisions on using big data, the internet of things, and autonomous robots to maximize performance.

Collaboration and partnership at Constellium

University Partnerships

Constellium maintains scientific partnerships - many of them long-term - with approximately 50 of the most prestigious universities and laboratories around the world.

These include:

  • USA: MIT, Northwestern University, University of South Carolina, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • UK: Brunel University London, University of Manchester, University of Oxford, Cranfield Aerospace Institute
  • France: CNRS/University laboratories in Paris, Grenoble, Nancy, Saint-Etienne, Toulouse, IRT M2P (Metz), IRT Jules Verne (Nantes)
  • Germany: RWTH Aachen, German Aerospace Center DLR, University of Stuttgart, University of Paderborn,
  • Switzerland: EPFL Lausanne
  • The Netherlands: TU Delft
Customer collaboration at Constellium

Customer Collaborations

Constellium’s engineers and technicians work together with our customers to design and make cost-effective products and processes that correspond perfectly to their needs. Some of Constellium’s most exciting innovations have come out of these collaborations.