Constellium and Groupe Renault partner on R&D project for sustainable automotive aluminium solutions

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Constellium and Groupe Renault partner on R&D project for sustainable automotive aluminium solutions

This partnership also includes ESI Group, the Institut de Soudure and the University of Lorraine

Paris, January 14, 2021 – Constellium SE (NYSE: CSTM) today announced that it is leading a new R&D initiative in France, Project ISA3*. In partnership with Groupe Renault, ESI Group, Institut de Soudure (Welding Institute), and the University of Lorraine, this ~€7 million project will develop lightweight, recyclable and cost-efficient aluminium solutions for the automotive market.

Project ISA3 aims to further lightweight vehicles by accelerating automakers’ transition from steel to aluminium. The project will focus on alloys and solutions that enable closed loop recycling.

“We are very excited about Project ISA3 and the opportunity to further demonstrate Constellium’s commitment to providing sustainable solutions to its automotive customers. We believe this project will advance aluminium’s position in the automotive market as manufacturers seek to reduce carbon emissions and expand their electric vehicle offerings. This partnership with a strategic customer allows us to explore solutions that can apply to a wide range of vehicles and deliver both environmental and economic benefits,” said Jack Clark, Senior Vice President, Manufacturing Excellence and Chief Technical Officer. “Further, working with our partners on end-of-life recycling is an exciting opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of the entire automotive aluminium supply chain.”

Patrice Belliard, Expert, Flat Products at Groupe Renault, added: “We need to reduce the cost per kilogram saved on automotive parts, especially aluminium parts. The ISA3 project aims to reduce the price per kilogram by half on aluminium doors. This is essential to continue to lightweight vehicles by using aluminium in the future.”

Pierre Culière, Pre-Certification & Validation Outcome Director, ESI Group, commented: “To enable faster and more accurate development, the ISA3 project will rely on ESI Group’s solutions and team of experts. Thanks to our ‘Pre-certification & Validation’ and ‘Smart Manufacturing’ solutions, we will help to develop and validate the design and manufacturing of the aluminium doors without the need for physical prototypes.”

Project ISA3 will focus on the design and development of aluminium automotive doors that would be 15% lighter than current average aluminium solutions, more efficient to produce, and recyclable at all stages of its life cycle. The project is scheduled to run through 2023 and is partially funded by Bpifrance.

Constellium is a leading full-service supplier of rolled and extruded aluminium solutions for the global automotive market. We help engineer lighter, stronger and safer vehicles to deliver higher performance, lower emissions, better fuel economy and greater range. With a product offer that includes solutions for closures, structural components, Crash Management Systems, battery enclosures, decorative parts and heat exchangers, Constellium aluminium enables advanced mobility.

 * Intégration de Solutions Aluminium pour Alléger les Automobiles (Integration of Aluminium Solutions to Lightweight Automotive vehicles)

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