Constellium’s Bowling Green Facility Receives Award for Lowering Carbon Emissions

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Constellium is proud to announce that its Bowling Green, Kentucky facility has been recognized as an “exemplary environmental steward” by the Tennessee Valley Authority (“TVA”). Constellium’s Bowling Green plant produces flat rolled aluminium Auto Body Sheet products for the growing automotive market in North America and has a capacity of 100,000 metric tons annually.

The TVA recognizes local businesses that help make the region cleaner and greener, and Constellium Bowling Green received two awards for “Lowest Carbon Emissions” and “Most Improved Carbon Emissions” based on its 2019 power consumption.

Steve Tua, Director of Manufacturing at Bowling Green, said, "We are very proud of these awards, which recognize the continuous improvements our team has made since this plant began production as a greenfield site. This validates our efforts as a company to advance our environmental mission. We want to thank Warren RECC, our utility provider, for helping us be as energy efficient as possible."

Catherine Athenes, Vice President Group Sustainability at Constellium, continued, “These awards are a tribute to Constellium’s longstanding efforts to implement sustainability practices in our business. Our Bowling Green plant is an excellent example of our commitment to helping our automotive customers meet their lightweighting and emission reduction targets by producing advanced aluminium solutions in a sustainable way.”

Ernie Peterson, TVA General Manager, said, “In an effort to encourage energy efficiency, TVA established annual carbon reduction awards for the top performing companies across the Seven State Valley. We are proud to present this award to Warren RECC’s customer, Constellium, for their dedication to energy efficiency and protecting the environment.” 

Since launching in 2016, the plant has made special efforts to reduce the amount of power it uses each day. Adjustments made to the CALP line, wastewater treatment facility and positive air pressure system managed to significantly reduce the plant’s power consumption.

About the TVA

The Tennessee Valley Authority was founded as part of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal in the 1930s and today provides electricity to 10 million people and businesses in parts of seven southeastern states. With an emphasis on carbon-free solutions, power is largely generated by hydroelectric dams, as well as nuclear, solar, wind and biogas programs.