R&D Manager



United Kingdom, England, Burnham

Remote Position: 


May 19th, 2023



1.      MAIN PURPOSE OF JOB (not more than 60 words)

  • To manage and lead the R&D program for the AS&I business unit, defining the priorities needed in collaboration with the senior technical leadership team, the OU Directors, C-Tec and Innoval, in line with the annual budget.
  • To define and to provide the strategic direction and associated technology roadmaps for the evolution of the core R&D program for the AS&I business unit, identifying the key resources required to deliver the program in line with the objectives of the Long Term Plan.
  • As part of the strategic R&D roadmap to define the critical people, equipment & technology requirements needed to support the programs and to include these in future Innovate UK, APC, EPSRC, etc calls  
  • To develop and manage the R&D reporting processes to measure progress against milestones and the relevant gates and to ensure technology transfer and people development are included within the scope of the reviews
  • To provide a strong focus on the transfer of R&D and Innovation projects to industrialisation to support business growth and new business acquisition.
  • To define a specific review process for the growing number of Constellium sponsored I-Case PhD students in order to ensure alignment with the core R&D activities
  • To manage large UKRI projects, in line with deliverables and budget requirements, defining the resource plan to meet the project targets as required, including IP management and production of technology demonstrators.
  • To manage and support the IP for the BU
  • To participate with the BU, plant and technology resources in defining the annual R&D programme and the link to the Long Term Plan

2.      RESPONSIBILITIES (a) Subordinates

  • AS&I R&D Team

(b)    Money and Materials (i.e. Budgets, Turnover, Payrolls, etc.)

  • Annual Budget

3.      SIGNIFICANT INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL RELATIONSHIPS (i.e. Depts., Locations, Cos., etc.)

  • BCast & C-Tec
  • BU Directors & Plant Teams
  • OpEx and Industrialisation Teams
  • Plant Technical & Quality teams
  • UKRI & Partner Companies
  • Technology Providers Including Innoval



Choose 8 of the most important activities in which the job holder engages. Then identify an end result for each activity. Do not make up the number to 8 if they are not important.

  1. R&D Management
  2. Competence Development
  1. R&D program aligned to business needs
  2. Pipeline of future Constellium Technical Resources
  1. Communication/Facilitation
  1. Team work/Common purpose
  1. Forma Review Processes
  1. Project Tracking & delivery. Ahead/Behind
  1. Technology evolution/IP generation
  2. Technology transfer
  1. New products that support business growth
  2. Industrialisation of R&D & Innovation
  1. Customer Support
  1. Proactive approach to R&D
  1. Collaborative R&D
  1. Technology Demonstrators
  1. EHS
  1. Safety First










The job holder will be responsible for the management and delivery of the strategic AS&I R&D programs, managing the R&D Centre at Brunel University and combining a network of R&D resources to provide an effective, agile innovation platform for the company. The output from the R&D program to be transferred to the plants in an efficient manner to ensure new product qualifications are achieved and new products launched. Excellent coordination and team working is required both internally throughout the organisation and externally with strategic project partners, academic centres of excellence, OEM customers, technology providers and the UK funding bodies – such as Innovate UK, EPSRC & APC


The primary purpose of the position is to manage the AS&I R&D programs and to deliver the program to the defined objectives, while meeting the budget requirements on an annual basis, while providing the underpinning science to the portfolio of R&D programs togother with leadership in technology transfer and industrialisation.