Singen, Germany

Constellium image

In 2019, Singen (P&ARP and ASI) proceeded with a full evaluation of the possible impacts of the plant and its processes on biodiversity. Evaluation was done together with an environmental protection organization. 

Overall the risk related to biodiversity has been assessed as moderate. Most critical aspects of our impact on biodiversity are linked to the fact that: 

  • the plant occupies a large surface very near of protected areas, 
  • it has CO2 emissions that participate in the climate change effect on biodiversity 
  • it generates traffic that makes it more complicate for wild life mobility 


In view of those risks (and all other identified ones), Singen has developed an exhaustive biodiversity action plan that can be found on the following document (link to the attached excel file) It includes notably actions with the city of Singen regarding nature protection, reducing road traffic by sponsoring train usage, reducing the carbon footprint by energy saving actions as well as switching to electric forklifts and the study of the installation of solar panels. 

We will continue to constantly monitor our impact and ensure that action plans are followed through.