Discover how we can reduce your machining cost and increase your productivity!

Constellium’s AlplanTM specialty rolled plates are the best solution. Our advanced industrial plate are the result of a long-standing proprietary process optimized over the last 20 years in our Swiss plant.

  • Up to 15 times better flatness (vs. industry standards)

Best-in-class flatness – before and after finish machining – obtained through tightly controlled rolling and heat treatment parameters.

  • Up to 40% less material needed (vs. standard mill finish plate)

Precision milling on both sides using propriety equipment ensures that plates are ready for value added finish machining – eliminates majority of set ups and low value machine passes.

  • Up to 90% reduction in part rework thanks to superior shape stability (vs. standard mill finish plate)

Optimized flow path that minimizes residual stress and guarantees outstanding shape stability – even in case of severe asymmetric machining.

  • Best anodizing results even for typically difficult products.

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