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Semi trailers, dry vans, refrigerated trailers/units

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Roofs and side panels: Greater width for greater possibilities

Commercial trailers are widely recognized as the primary means of transportation when it comes to moving goods. Aluminium is the material of choice for commercial trailers, especially for dry vans and refrigerated trailers.

Constellium’s extra-large wide coil offering (over 105” or 2,667 mm) from our Ravenswood, WV plant, is unique in North America. Our wide coils are ideally suited for roofs and side panels as they enable the use of single sheets of aluminium, thus providing greater trailer robustness and preventing water leakages on cargo. Single-piece constructions also greatly reduce assembly workload by eliminating the need for welding and riveting.

Our wide coils offering is also used on commercial trailers such as cargo trailers, live animal trailers and truck bodies.

Constellium’s wide coil portfolio comprises 3000 and 5000 series alloys.

Floors: Firm grip on floor solutions

Commercial vehicles and truck trailers often require durable floor solutions with grip properties to allow loading and unloading under safe conditions. Constellium has developed a portfolio of tread plate products – including our Rice Grain proprietary pattern – to meet the requirements of commercial vehicle and trailer manufacturers:

  • Durability obtained through the hardness properties of 5000 series aluminium alloys
  • Strong grip as a result of specially engineered patterns
  • Low weight thanks to aluminum’s low density
  • Tread plates can be pre-painted with a primer on the reverse side for easy bonding during assembly

Constellium has unique capabilities in producing wide and painted coils and covers a product range unequaled in the industry:

  • Width capabilities of 2,500 mm (102”)
  • Thicknesses as low as 1.2 mm (0.05”)
  • Single piece pre-painted tread plates of up to 13,500 mm long x 2,500 mm wide (531.5” x 98.5”)

Our tread plate products include four main patterns, including GripsterTM which is well suited for low noise operations and helps meet PIEK noise emission standards.

D5 D6 Rice Grain GripsterTM




Tank trailer and dump-bodies

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Tank trailers and dump-bodies (or tipper trailers) are used across a variety of domains – from hauling coal and agricultural products, transporting fracking sand and cements to carrying liquids (crude oil, water, etc.). Aluminium is the material of choice for TTDB vehicles and Constellium has developed a range of aluminium products to help manufacturers optimize product performance:

  • Low weight compared to steel alternatives
  • Durability obtained through the properties of 5000 series high-magnesium aluminium alloys
  • Top aesthetics thanks to a wide range of surface finishes: mill finish, enhanced, bright, and buffed

Constellium’s TTDB portfolio is particularly well suited for the following applications:

  • Liquid and dry bulk tank trailer skins and ends
  • Dump-body sidewalls
  • Dump-body floors

*TTDB: Tank Trailers and Dump-Bodies