Leisure vehicles and
Pleasure boats

Leisure vehicle: Travel made stylish. Travel made smart.

Wide painted aluminium coils are the material of choice for top quality leisure vehicles. Constellium provides a range of products that have been developed for the design and manufacturing of camping cars and caravans. They provide a number of advantages, such as:

  • Premium aesthetics obtained through the painting process
  • Weight advantage thanks to aluminium’s low density, which combined to the recyclability of aluminium, make it environmentally friendly
  • Easy assembly on traditional assembly lines
  • Width advantage – wider products mean more design freedom with single-part panels for roofs and sides
  • Large selection of colors that enables the customization of vehicles

Constellium has unique capabilities in producing very wide painted coils and covers a product range unequaled in the industry with capabilities over 2,600 mm in width (102”) and 2 mm in thickness (0.08”).


Pleasure boats: Aluminium as preferred solution for freshwater crafts

Pleasure boats are freshwater crafts used for recreational purposes and typically include pontoon boats, leisure boats, sportsman (fishing and hunting) boats and utility / jet boats.

Aluminium is a natural material choice for pleasure boats as it is widely recognized as lightweight material with low maintenance costs.

Thanks to unique production capabilities at our Ravenswood, WV plant, we can offer the full product range in terms of sheet and coil width, with products over 96” in width (2,438 mm). Wide sheets and coils are a cost effective option for the manufacturers who can design and assemble with single-part panels, thus reducing the need for welding and riveting.

Constellium’s 5052 H temper products offer the best combination of properties for use on pleasure boats:

  • High strength
  • Formability
  • Low weight
  • Weldability
  • High corrosion resistance